Learn More About the Story Line of Blue Bloods

Learn More About the Story Line of Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods is considered as one of the most waited upcoming television series in the CBS channel. This is a story, which basically revolves around the Reagan family. The father of the family, Frank Reagan is the Chief of Police in New York City. He is also the father of two sons and one daughter, who are serving for the same police department. Their skills and techniques for solving the cases have made them to obtain a good ranking in the police department.

On Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck is playing the role of Frank Reagan. While, 모바일홀덤 Donnie Wahlberg is playing the role of Frank’s eldest son Danny. He is a seasoned detective as well as a family man who sometimes help his family with questionable tactics for solving the cases. Frank as well as Danny both is a concern and source of pride for Henry, who is Frank’s unapologetic father. The role of Henry is played by Len Cariou, who is a former Chief of Police who served for New York City.

Will Estes is in the cast and plays a major role in the series as Frank’s youngest son Jamie. He completed his graduation and training from the New York City police academy. He also joins his father’s group and solves many underlying cases. However, in one secret case, Jamie will find some information that can put his whole family into trouble. This is a very interesting twist in Blue Bloods. Apart from Jamie, Bridget Moynahan is playing as Erin, who is a single Reagan woman. She is also the Assistant District Attorney of New York City. Sometimes, she also helps her father and siblings to solve the cases. She is a new single parent, who is also serving as a legal source for her family.


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