Guide For Making Ambrosia in the Sims 3

Ambrosia is a special food in The Sims 3 to resurrect a ghost sim back into the world of the living and it can also reset a sim’s lifebar so that it prolongs their life. The tricky part is being able to actually prepare the ambrosia for eating.

The first thing you will need to do is to work on your sims cooking skill because you will need to reach level 10 in cooking in order to learn the recipe for ambrosia. The recipe book is available at the bookstore and retails for $12,000 simoleans.

Ambrosia requires two ingredients: a Death Fish and a Life Fruit. So now you will need to reach level 10 in both gardening and fishing. The best strategy is to make the family join forces. Assign one sim to level cooking to 10 and then choose another 2 sims to level either gardening or fishing. It is best if you choose an adult to level the fishing skill since teens will get caught by the police if they are out past 10:00 pm. kody do the sims 4 xbox one

The cheat method to get Life Fruit with 0 gardening skill is to use the “testingcheatsenabled true” code. Then go into buy mode and sort by function and enter the cheat code “buydebug”. You will suddenly have a question mark icon that unlocks all of the expansions items and special items. If you go under the plant icon you will see you can buy a fully matured Life Plant. Just place on your lot and harvest the life fruit immediately.

To get the Death Fish, you will need level 10 fishing skill. You can actually get the fishing book to learn about the Death Fish at level 7 which reveals to you that the bait used to catch the death fish is an angelfish but you cannot catch the Death Fish unless you have 10 fishing skill. Angelfish cannot be bought from the grocery store, so you will need to first catch some angelfish using alley catfish as the bait. Once you have some angelfish, go to the graveyard after midnight and use the angelfish as bait to catch the Death Fish. You can only catch the Death Fish in the cemetery between 12:00 am-3:00 am.

Now that you have your life fruit and death fish in hand all you need to do is make sure those two items are in the sim’s inventory with the level 10 cooking skill. Have the sim click on the stove and under “have a meal” menu you will see an option to make ambrosia. Ambrosia does not spoil so you do not need to worry about it but be careful because hungry living sims will almost always choose that plate first. Ambrosia also cannot be replicated in the replicator machine so make sure you have plenty of fruit and death fish in your inventory in case one of your sims gobbles it up on accident.


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