How to Get the Perfect Abs

So now that you have followed the steps in Part I, lets move onto the next phase in starting to burn weight off and getting the sexy look that you really want.

Like it or not, you will have to do exercise to lose weight, get paid for pictures of your body maybe not the traditional exercise that seems so pointless, but exercise none the less.

Maybe you have just seen an ab vibrating belt or a machine that doesn’t require any work to lose weight…

Well it is your life and your decisions, however I would have to tell you to not buy it.

In this life nothing is free, and a sexy, Buy mdma toned body is something that is not free.

These useless contraptions are just marketed by people who eat right and exercise right, they couldn’t care less what they promote, they get paid mega bucks and then do back to doing exercise that the rest of us do while you are struggling to even work the thing properly! Let alone get results.


Now that we know we are not going to purchase any cheap crap from infomercials… Lets get to it!

Right, now first let me tell you a little secret, if you have not read part I of this mini series then you will get zero results.

Go read it, I’m not going anywhere.

Right, back, if you didn’t go read it you are wasting your time, e-girlheaven what is 5 minutes, really?


Okay, lets right into it.

To get rid of that excess body fat, you are going to need to step out of your comfort zone.

You will need to do things that are hard for you and challenge your body so that it adapts to doing these things and changes its appearance.

The best things you can do to get results are things that make you sweat.

If you are very overweight then just going for a 10-15 minute walk each day will do you wonders, however if you know that you just need to lose a few extra lbs then perhaps you should be running?

Perhaps you should be running up hills or stairs?

Perhaps you should be doing a bucket load of body weight exercises until you are sweating like a pig?

You know in your heart if you are doing it right or not. aniioki


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